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Group of Pavlo Tabakov

Volodymyr Vozniak (guitar)

He was born in 1981 in village Sudova Vyshnia of Lviv region. He graduated from Mostyska musical school in the class of accordion. This instrument was his major in Lviv Musical College named after Liudkevych S. In 2006 Volodymyr graduated from Lviv National Musical Academy named after Lysenko M. (faculty of orchestra; department of folk instruments).

In parallel with accordion Volodymyr mastered playing the guitar. This instrument has been his inseparable companion for more than twenty years already. As a session musician Vozniak cooperated with Tina Karol, Natalka Karpa… He was a participant of jazz projects like Bria Blessing Quartet, ShockolaD etc. The guitarist has been playing with Pavlo Tabakov since 2001. Apart from joint music playing, Volodymyr wrote several hits for the singer, in particular Tilky Ty Moya (You Belong Only to Me), Pro Tebe Dumayu (Thinking of You), Samota (Loneliness) (lyrics and music). The songs of Vozniak – the author – are in the repertoire of other singers too, in particular Liudmyla Yasinska, Olesia Kyrychuk… Volodymyr composes instrumental music as well. And he’s a member of group Dzvony Sontsia (Sun Bells). 


Serhiy Brydun (bass guitar)

He was born in 1979 in Lviv. Bass guitar playing carried him away when he was 13. He played in various musical groups. Anyway, in 1998 he was forced to interrupt his musical career and started to grind away at his books in Lviv Polytechnic National University. In 2001 he defended his specialist diploma at the department of motor industry.  Later he received another education as manager-economist.

Serhiy returned to music in 2005 after having attended jazz master classes in Przemysl (Poland). The same year he joined group ShockolaD as a bass guitarist. In summer of 2006 he visited master classes in Krakow (Poland) in the frames of program The International Summer Jazz Academy. He played in various Lviv musical groups: Bria Blessing Quartet, Orchestra Vito, Colored Shadows, Ad Libitum, Cargo Funk. Serhiy also worked with singers Natalka Karpa and Vladislav Levytskyi. He works also as a session musician. He participated in numerous festivals: Jazz bez, Fliugery Lvova (Lviv weathercocks), Metro Jazz, Yednist (Unity), Art-mashine (in the frames of project Vilnius – cultural capital of Europe-2009), FortMissia… Since 2006 he is a bass guitarist in the group of Pavlo Tabakov.



Vitaliy Kukharskyi (drums)

He was born in 1982 in Lviv. He graduated from the musical school in the class of piano. After that he learned musical fundamentals in Lviv musical college named after Liudkevych S. at the faculty of theory (musicologist). He continued studying in Lviv National Musical Academy named after Lysenko M. at the faculty of theory and composition, majoring in music theory. He graduated from the conservatory in 2009.

In 2003-2005 he played in Lviv group Yaka IsnuYE (Which Exists). Vitaliy joined Pavlo Tabakov’s team in 2008. At the same time he plays in cover group Remake and cooperates with various musicians. Kukharskyi is famous also as a sound control supervisor. 



Volodymyr Elvis Olenskiy (guitar) 

He was born in 1987 in the town of Novyi Rozdil of Lviv region. The guy was fascinated by music from his childhood.  He plays guitar since he was ten. Nevertheless, his professional education was related to mastering of another instrument, accordion. Volodia graduated in the class of accordion from the music school, and from Lviv music college named after Liudkevych S., and from the National music academy named after Lysenko M. in 2011.

Elvis adores rock music, and, certainly, builds his music carrier as a rock musician.  He’s a member of group Kozhnomu Svoe (Each to their own). In 2006 Volodia was named as The best guitarist (this title was given to him on the festival Taras Bulba). Apart from group Kozhnomu Svoe, Elvis also cooperates with many other groups and musicians: Pavlo Tabakov, Remake, Sofi, Souvenirs, People of music... 


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