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Pavlo Tabakov

    * Pavlo Tabakov was born on April 27, 1978 in Lviv.

    * 1999 – graduation from Lviv secondary school no. 45 and school musical studio (in the class of accordion) (Pavlo plays also piano and guitar).

    * 1993-1997 – Lviv Musical and Pedagogical College (folk division, class of accordion; class of chorus direction).

    * 1997-2002 – Lviv Musical Academy named after Lysenko M. (department of folk instruments, chief subject – Accordion; class of orchestra direction).

    * 1997-2003 – soloist and arranger of acapella group Menestreli (Minstrels).

    * 2003-2008 – soloist and arranger of male octet Orfei (Orpheus).

    * December 2005 – victory in the popular television project Shans (The Chance). Unprecedented number of viewer’s votes exceeding 132 thousand. The start of soloist career.

    * 2007 – release of debut album Tilky Ty Moya (You Belong Only to Me).

    * May-June of 2008 – concert tour in the cities of Western and Central Ukraine.

    * End of 2008 – release of carol album Rizdvo dlia Dvokh (Christmas for the Two).

    * End of 2009 – release of third studio album Ty Pidpalyla Rai (You’ve Set the Paradise on Fire).

    * Spring of 2010 – participation in the popular television show Ukraina maye talant! (Ukraine Has the Talent) as a member of octet Orfei (Orpheus) (STB channel).

    * Spring of 2010 – participation in the national selection for Eurovision-2010 with the song I’ll Be with You.

    * Beginning of 2011 – release of the fourth album Kava-Blues (Coffee-Blues).

    * Spring of 2011 – participation in the national selection for Eurovision-2011 with the song Shake Your Body.

  * January-April of 2012 - show "Golos Krayiny" \ "The Voice of the Country. New History" (Channel "1+1"). Team of a coach Diana Arbenina.

* April 29, 2012 - Pavlo wins in the show "The Voice of the Country-2" and has a opportunity to sign a contract with Universal Music Group.

* December 15, 2012 - Pavlo signed a contract with Universal Music Group.

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