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Those who visit the opening of the Lviv arena on Saturday on October 29 will witness several musical acts together.


Tabakov became the face of the new online NEW LIFE magazine for the youth.


Today, on the 17th of September the hottest song premiere of autumn 2011 is on the air of all radio stations of Ukraine. Music lovers! Tune up to your favourite wave and listen to the new hit Amelie from Pavlo Tabakov.


The project entitled European Stadium of Culture was launched in Polish city Rzeszow as a cultural and artistic prologue to Euro-2012. Before the 2012 European Football Championship starts, this project is aimed at familiarizing Ukrainians and Polish from different cities with the cultural variety of their countries.


Pavlo Tabakov gave two performances under melodic and aromatic name Kava-Blues (Coffee-Blues) yesterday evening on the stage of Lviv Philharmonic Hall.


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