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These days talented kids from all Ukraine receive diplomas from new show of 1+1 channel Golos. Dity (The Voice. Children), and their schools are presented with exclusive tables "The participant of project Golos. Dity (The Voice. Children) studies here". The honorable mission to hand over this diploma and the table fell to Pavlo Tabakov, the holder of title "The Voice of the Country".


Pre-anniversary theme in Breakfast with 1+1 (on 24 September 2012).


Grandioso concerts "20 years on the stage. Pikkardiyska Tertsia celebrates with the friends" will take place in Lviv Opera House on 24th of September and in the National palace "Ukraine" on 29th of September. Pavlo Tabakov is one of the friends of this legendary vocal formation. He'll become a new and seventh soloist of the group during grand celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Lviv Six in Lviv and Kyiv.


On Sunday, 2nd of September, the Lviv Sport Palace "Halychyna" will host the match of qualifying rounds of FIBA EuroBasket 2013 between national teams of Ukraine and Austria (the game starts at 4PM; live broadcast by the First National).  The Ukrainian anthem before this important qualifying battle to EuroBasket 2013 will be sung by Pavlo Tabakov.


Pavlo prepared a unique present for his star trainer – a pair of exclusive original dolls that are identical copies of the stage images of Tabakov and Arbenina from their triumphant broadcast in Golos krayiny (The Voice of the Country).


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