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Pavlo Tabakov signed the contract with Universal Music Group (+VIDEO)


On 15 December Tabakov signed the contract with the largest recording company Universal Music Group in the break between his two solo concerts in his native Lviv city. The contract was signed right in the lobby of the National Theater named after M. Zankovetska the stage of which witnessed the full house at the concerts given by Pavlo.

The document was also signed by Dmytro Konnov, the Director General of Universal Music LLC, who flew to Lviv exactly for this occasion. Thus, Pavlo Tabakov became the third Ukrainian singer having signed contract with Universal Music Group, the company that labels the albums of the world-famous singers Andrea Bocelli, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Bryan Adams, groups Bon Jovi, Maroon 5…

"I am happy to finally receive the prize that I won in the project Golos krayiny (The Voice of the Country), the contract with Universal Music," Pavlo says. "In the nearest months I'll produce my new album with this respectful company, the album will contain mainly the original songs that I wrote during the last year. The primary targets include also shooting of videos, radio and TV premiers...  When having negotiations with Universal Music, I realized that this company is staffed with professionals. I'm sure that the signing of this contract will launch a completely new stage in my singing creativity, and I'll have the possibility to bring my music to the still wider audience of music lovers."     

"Pavlo Tabakov is a rare case of manly and romantic singer," Director General of Universal Music LLC Dmytro Konnov remarks, "he is free in various genres. And along with that his voice and charisma are his main traits that attract people. I hope that obvious strengths of Pavlo will be appreciated not only by Lviv and Western Ukrainian audience, but also the music lovers of the whole country.  Plus, we plan to introduce Pavlo to the Russians. But we'll keep some secrets…"

Watch VIDEO on signing of the contract between Tabakov and Universal Music here!

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