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Tabakov presents the teaser to video clip Taka zyma (Such a Winter) (+ VIDEO) in the first days of winter


The premier of the video clip itself will occur quite soon both on TV and during solo concerts by Pavlo on 15 December in the National Theatre named after M. Zankovetska. Don't miss! And we suggest watching the video clip teaser for the time being :)

The weather hasn't made the Ukrainians happy with the snow so far, but strong snow showers filled one of the floors of the Film Studio named after O. Dovzhenko. That day the video clip for Pavlo Tabakov and his original song Taka zyma (Such a Winter) was shoot there. The director and camera man was famous Ukrainian video clip maker Dmytro Peretrutov.

The plot of the "winter" video clip came to Tabakov ... in a dream. "It was a strange and even mystical song… Me, she… And suddenly the wall of snow grows between us and our feelings…" Pavlo says. "I remember having waken up with just one thought: here's the plot for the video clip!" The dream came true. It is not a coincidence that some scenes in the emotional and allegoric video clip Taka zyma (Such a Winter) remind of dream fragments.   

Pavlo acted the main hero of the video clip, while the lead character of a woman was played by model and dancer, master of sport in the rhythmic gymnastics Valeria Versalska. One will also see Pavlo Tabakov's exclusive white piano in the video clip Taka zyma (Such a Winter). To be honest, it's impossible to recognize the piano in the video: it is covered with hundreds of white stickers… Another five thousands (!) of stickers were used to paste over the room of Tabakov's character. To crown everything, Pavlo had to write two words on each sticker with his hand… After the shooting was over, large amount of these exclusive autographs were taken by the members of the film crew as mementos.

Watch the teaser of the video clip Taka zyma (Such a Winter) here!


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