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The hottest concerts of 2012 winter. Taka zyma by Pavlo Tabakov!


Two solo concerts by Pavlo will occur straightaway on Saturday, 15 of December, in Lviv in the National Theatre named after M. Zankovetska.

New concert program from Pavlo Tabakov is named Taka zyma (Such a Winter). It includes still more romantic and drive. Live, high-quality, with extraordinary music taste! Taka zyma concerts include hits and absolutely new compositions. Explosive potpourris consisting of the song of legendary group Queen, stylish interpretation of Englishman in New York by Sting, Ukrainian version of eternal hit by Charles Aznavour Une Vie DAmour. This 'branded' material helped Pavlo to conquer the audience of show Golos krayiny (The Voice of the Country), and these very songs will be the treatment for the audience in his native Lviv at Pavlo's concerts. The performances will definitely include the most famous romantic hits from own repertoire of Tabakov:  Tilky ty moya (You Belong Only to Me), Taka zyma (Such a Winter), Yangolia (Angel)… The music lovers may expect numerous song premiers and performance from Tonia Matviyenko, Pavlo's talented colleague on the stage and super finalist of Golos krayiny (The Voice of the Country). 

"These concerts are my thanks to my native Lviv for enormous support during TV show Golos krayiny (The Voice of the Country)," Tabakov says.

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