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Tabakov will sing the eternal hit of Charles Aznavour in the semifinal of Golos krayiny


The show managers arranged the delivery of the white piano especially for the performance on April 22, as My Relax portal informs.


On Sunday, April 22 it is the semifinal of Golos krayiny-2 (The Voice of the Country-2) on 1+1 channel. Eight contestants managed to reach the culmination moment of the popular vocalist project. Pavlo Tabakov and Oleksandr Onofriychuk in the team of star trainer Diana Arbenina will fight for the ticket to the grand final (on April 29).

Pavlo Tabakov reserved the most romantic songs for the final accords of the show. In the semifinal the singer will perform the legendary song Une Vie D’Amour from the repertoire of the famous chansonnier Charles Aznavour (the smash hit Vechnaya liubov (Eternal Love) in the Russian interpretation). Pavlo will sing the French version of the hit, the lyrics of which were written by Aznavour himself and which sounded in the movie "Tegeran-43".

- Une Vie D’Amour – is the story of the love that one could give his life for and to bring it through his whole life, Tabakov says. - Anyone who'd listen to this song will have his own associations and reminiscences.  And me as well…

- I dreamt of singing in French at the stage of Golos krayiny, I adore this language and France in general, Pavlo Tabakov confessed. - It is the first country I went on the abroad tour to in the early of 2000. Since then I have been on tours in France for 25 times already. There was even a moment when I thought of moving to one of small towns in Parisian suburb. When I come to France I feel like at home. There is a feeling of unsurpassable spirit of creativity, of infinite independence and, of course, of romantics in the air.

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