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On Sunday, April 15, it is the quarterfinal of Golos krayiny-2. The TV viewers take the WHOLE decision, the star trainers will not interfere…


Pavlo Tabakov will fulfill his promise given during the previous live broadcast to Oleg Skrypka and will show the real musical drive at the stage of Golos on the Easter. Vote for Pavlo!!! He counts on the support of his admirers! Number 13 has brought luck to Tabakov during the two live broadcasts already. The singer hopes that it will be a lucky one during the third live TV show as well and will bring the ticket to the semifinal of the project.

On Easter, April 15, the teams of all four star trainers will meet for the first time in the project Golos krayiny. 12 participants are in the quarterfinal of the show, three in each of the "picked" teams. Only eight of these that the TV viewers will vote for will reach the semifinal. During the quarterfinal the star trainers will be the observers only without any right to vote.

Watch Golos krayiny on Sunday at 8.15 PM on 1+1 channel. It will festivous and grandiose as usual!

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