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Kava-Blues (Coffee-Blues)

The mysterious and aromatic title of Pavlo Tabakov's fourth album is Kava-Blues (Coffee-Blues). The collection united ten songs in the styles of jazz, blues, and rock-n-roll.  Dance hit Shokoladnyi Shock (Chocolate Shock) is a bonus of the CD. Pavlo Tabakov composed the music for all Kava-Blues songs.  The novelty recording was participated by vivid Lviv group of virtuoso musicians Orchestra Vito. Kava-Blues (Coffee Blues) was recorded in Lviv studio “FoniЯ Records”, while mastering was performed by Kyiv studio “Chess Records”. The collection is preceded by the dedication: “To my native Lviv, the most beautiful city, its inimitable melody of architecture, cosy cafes, unforgettable coffee charm and, certainly, to all Lviv people who love and value their city”. As Tabakov notes, this music will ‘taste’ the best with a cup of aromatic coffee.


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