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Rizdvo dlia Dvokh (Christmas for the Two)

The title of the second album by Pavlo Tabakov Rizdvo dlia Dvokh (Christmas for the Two), released in December of 2008, was given by the romantic carol, written by Lidia Lazurko. The singer composed the music by himself. The collection included 11 carols and New Year’s and Christmas songs. Eight of them are original songs (the lyrics and music for Koliada-Koliadka (Carol) and Tse Novyi Rik (It's New Year) were written by Pavlo himself; the singer composed music for several other carols: Rizdvo dlia Dvokh (Christmas for the Two), Rozhdestvo (Christmas), Kolyskova (Cradle Song). The Christmas album includes three traditional carols:  Dobryi Vechir Tobi (Good  Evening to You), Bog sia Razhdaye (God is being born), Shchedryi Vechir (Generous Evening). Anyway, they sounded in a new way when performed by Tabakov, unusually and modernly. The album includes various styles, namely jazz, pop rock and folk... The recording of Rizdvo dlia Dvokh (Christmas for the Two) were participated by about 20 musicians, including string quartette and brass trio.  The album was originally and exclusively decorated with sweet cherubs made by the famous puppet-maker Inna Ivasiuk.  The Ukrainians have been celebrating Christmas holidays with the tuneful Christmas for the Two for several years already. 

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